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Classic or everytime models for any occasion to follow trend with high quality handmade. For any other product you have an interest in, and would like to see a picture of, simply request us all catalogue in pdf format, and only if you are a retailer, fashion shop, you can place an order by fax. Our products are designed and manufactured in keeping with the best of traditional Italian style and excellence! These products are not only hand made with extreme care and great attention to detail, but you can also be assured they will be delivered on time. We are confident that our superb merchandise will greatly increase your profitability!

Private Label

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For private label please tell us what your budget for a target bag so we can understand if we can discuss about we use only best materials, best wormanship WORKFLOW: 1) We must start from our already developed models 2) not sample on your own design at start cause too much time and too much expensive 3) we can send one bag already made to show you the quality (branded) at double the wholesale price 4) if agree on quality/model will be placed a trial order on few samples in minimum quantity 5) will be charged to you any cost for personalization (embossed stamp so on) 6) possibility to discount the samples surcharge on first production order.


Top notch quality is our aim

The handmade and slow-time concepts are at the basis of our idea of production: slow tanned leather, slow manual operations, accuracy and quality control lead us far away from contemporary idea of mass-production. In the Art of Leather modelling the abstract becomes structure and the symmetry and the natural forms' geometry express rhythm and harmony.

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